USRCA Officers

President - Allen Brock
VP - Dennis Barton
Sec/Tres. - John Geiger
West: Nate Higgs and Boyd Holbrook
Great Plains:Gary Myers and Berry Jennings
East: Greg Sherman and Chad Guell
South: Steven Olsen and Sam Wesley

Structure of the USRCA
United Roller Club of America By-Laws
ARTICLE I - Name and Purpose
Section 1. The name of the club shall be the United Roller Club of America.
Section 2. The purpose of the club shall be to promote interest and progress in the Roller fancy - to form friendship within the fancy, to facilitate the exchange of ideas and information on Rollers, to collect and disseminate such material for the benefit of Roller fanciers and in various other ways and means, to encourage cooperative measures and actions for the benefit of the fanciers and fancy in general.
Section 3. The club shall be a non profit organization.
ARTICLE II - Membership
Section 1. Anybody who loves Rollers, irrespective of the particular strain he prefers or his preference on type of performance and whether he actively maintains a loft or not, shall be eligible for membership.
Section 2. There shall be three classes of memberships, regular members who are established fanciers, junior members who may be considered to be youths starting in the fancy, but in no case over 18 years of age and honorary members. In order to become an honorary member, a member must have attained the age of 65 and must have been a paid up regular member for the 10 consecutive years just prior to his attaining the required age.
Section 3. All members shall have equal rights in all matters of the club and all shall be governed equally, except that junior and honorary members may be given special consideration with respect to dues, as may be determined by the board of directors.
Section 4. Any person desiring to become a member shall procure a membership application from any officer of the club and after filling it in, shall turn over to the Secretary/Treasurer, who in turn shall submit it to the membership committee for final approval or rejection.
Section 5. Any member may be expelled from the club by a two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors.
ARTICLE III - Dues and Assessments
Section 1. There shall be no initiation fee.
Section 2. The annual dues shall be determined by the Board of Directors and may be altered from time to time at their consideration, but always to be as low as possible, consistent with the operating costs of the club.
Section 3. There shall be no special assessment unless sustained first by the Board of Directors and concurred in a majority vote of the members in good standing.
Section 4. The fiscal year in respect to all memberships and dues shall be the same as the calendar year.
ARTICLE IV - Officers
Section 1. The officers of the club shall consist of a President, a Vice President, a Secretary/Treasurer, a Director At Large and number of Regional Directors as determined by the Board of Directors for the best interests of the club. Collectively, this group shall constitute the Board of Directors or the Executive Committee. The outgoing President shall automatically become a candidate for Director At Large and he shall have equal rights with the other Directors.
Section 2. To be eligible for an office you must be a member in good standing.
Section 3. The elected term of office of the President and Vice President shall be two years and they may not succeed themselves consecutively more than once in this capacity, all other officer may be elected every two years.
Section 4. Presumably all officers shall serve without pay, except that in the case of the Secretary/Treasurer, at the discretion of the Board of Directors this office may be made compensate.
ARTICLE V - Duties of Officers
Section 1. The various officers shall perform the duties devolving upon them as outlined in Roberts Rules Of Order, unless provided for herein to the contrary or as may be amended by order of the Board of Directors or by amendment to these By-Laws by the membership.
ARTICLE VI - Committees
Section 1. To facilitate the business of the club the President shall delegate various activities of the club to committees, who shall carry out their particular assignments with the approval of the President as head of the Board of Directors.
Section 2. The membership committee shall be a standing committee and shall consist of the same personnel as the Board of Directors and the Director At Large shall be the chairman.
Section 3. The Publicity Director or chairman of the Publicity Committee shall be appointed by the President acting for the Board of Directors.
Section 4. The chairman of the Show Committee shall be appointed by the President and should there be more than one show in a given year, the different committees may be a choice of different personnel to bring each event under closer touch and control with its purpose and location.
Section 5. An auditing committee of three members, one of whom shall be a member of the Board of Directors, shall be appointed each year to audit the records of the club and report its findings to the President.
Section 6. A nominating committee shall be appointed in the month of November of each even numbered calendar year. Two of its five members shall be members of the Board of Directors and they shall submit a single slate of officers not later than February 1st of the following year.
Section 7. At his discretion, the President shall appoint any other committees that he believes necessary to expedite the business of the club or its interests.
ARTICLE VII - Meetings and Activities
Section 1. It is not contemplated that the club hold regular meetings, but formal get together's whenever the occasion presents itself, such as at the various shows, are encouraged and any business or ideas emanating from them should be forwarded to the President.
Section 2. On account of the vast scope of the club, in order to expedite things, the affairs of the Board of Directors shall be conducted by mail and all such correspondence shall finally be transmitted to the Secretary/Treasurer for the club's files.
Section 3. The club shall sponsor an Annual Show open to everybody and shall award a trophy to the National Grand Champion, regardless of whether its exhibitor is a member of the USRCA or any other club or has no club affiliation whatsoever and additional shows to be known as District Shows, where sectional interest warrants and the Board of Directors has sanctioned it.
Section 4. The club at the discretion of the membership or upon substantial sectional insistence shall sponsor performance competition.
Section 5. The club through its Secretary/Treasurer or a specially appointed chairman shall procure and sell its own club bands and all the money realized as profit shall go first to the general operating expenses of the club - only, should there be a surplus, shall such funds be diverted into other channels.
Section 6. The club by order of the Directors may put up a trophy or other recognition awards for competitive flies and by the same token a trophy for a District Show and money for cash specials at the Annual Show should there be a surplus from band sales, but in all cases each individual activity shall be primarily self sustaining.
ARTICLE VIII - Elections
Section 1. The President shall appoint a Nominating Committee as provided for in Article 6, Section 6.
Section 2. The candidates recommended by the nominating committee shall not be considered conclusive and a provision shall be made on the ballots for write in selections.
Section 3. The election shall be conducted by mail during February of each odd calendar year, in ample time so that the newly elected officers may assume their posts as of March 26 of the election year.
Section 4. The President shall appoint an Election Committee which may or may not be the same as the Nomination Committee, to receive the votes, count and tally them and forward all the material including the ballots to the Secretary/Treasurer who shall notify the successful candidates of their election.
ARTICLE IX - Amendments
Section 1. These By-Laws may be amended on the written proposal of at least 26 members in good standing or an amendment may be initiated by a majority choice of the Board of Directors. Such a proposal for change shall then be mailed to the entire membership for a vote and it shall require a majority of the total membership in good standing to carry.
Section 1. When not otherwise provided for, Robert's Rule Of Order shall govern the proceedings of the club in all its affairs.
Original Committee - December 26, 1942
A. G. Gierach - Chairman
Ted Nieman
Rubie George
Bert Wolf
Fred Fredrich